About the School

A place for the dreamers -
this is where you foster your creativity.

Create your own starting point, so that you can go out into the world. Get your start at NDS!

Educational Principles of NDS


1. Students will acquire the skills they need to express their ideas, starting from the fundamentals (using analog media).


2. Bring your ideas to life and foster your ability to make plans and proposals.

NDS provides an environment where students can improve their skills while learning from their teachers and peers through interactions, while being exposed to a variety of views and ideas.


What Makes NDS Unique

At NDS, we educate students to bring out their individuality and enhance their expertise so that they can succeed in the creative industry over the long term.

Credible Leadership as a School Specialized in the Creative Arts: Pro-Active Education that Fosters Creative Professionals.

It has been 53 years since was NDS established in Fukuoka. The unique pro-active education that we have developed as one of Kyushu’s leading creative schools allows students to develop into professionals who will have long-lasting careers in the creative industry.


Dynamic Learning Cultivates Sensibility! Special Events to Develop and Enhance Creativity

At NDS, learning is not only limited to the classroom. The experience and sensibility you take in during your time as a student will become a base to support a lifetime working in the creative industries.


An Environment Suitable for Aspiring Professionals, Where They Can Focus on Creative Pursuits.

At NDS, we have developed an environment specialized in creative education. In such an environment, students can grow by focusing on what they want to study.


Learning that is in line with the times! ICT Education that fosters creative professionals.

At NDS, we also place emphasis on ICT education where students learn by using the internet, computers, and tablets.